Sun, Ludo series, acrylic on canvas, 100x 70 cm, 2017  

Sun, Ludo series, acrylic on canvas, 100x 70 cm, 2017


About Catalina Codreanu

"I strongly believe that every genuine work of art is a self-portrait, in the most profound meaning of the terms “self” and “portrait”. My works tell the viewer who I am through a ludic, innocent language, while reflecting a self crazy in love with her best creation. 

When I am not in the studio painting compositions that meet at the intersection of minimalism and figurative, I am working in the living room while taking care and photographs of my son. Small graphite drawings, needlework on fabric or on paper, collages, fast acrylic or watercolor paintings on small dimensions, conceptual work and even mother-son collaborations, they are all part of my artistic process that defines me as an artist and mother of a toddler. 

While working, my son’s immense importance becomes a tool meant to look deeper into my mind, as it activates childhood memories that have so long waited to be remembered. 

The “Ludo” series, which is inspired by my son’s actual stage, a playing toddler, aims to offer a view on childhood, memory and how the connection between the two makes us who we are, by exploring the concept of play.

The tendency to overscale the majority of my compositions came as a consequence of the greatness that I find in this unique connection between him and I. The flat forms and strong colors endorse the ludic theme and represent the way I play, inspired by my son, with painting."

                                                                      Catalina Codreanu



Upcoming exhibitions and events:

“Challery” Gallery, Wien, Austria,  2017

"An Artist's Cookbook", edited by Rudy Kanhye, 2017

Collaboration with the MOM Museum

Featured in "The pursuit of error" Project,



Past to present activity:

"Ludo" solo show, Kube Musette, by Seabam Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, June 2017

"Nasty Women Newcastle", Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, April 2017

“She will need her sisterhood”, The Floating Gallery,, Leeds, UK, March 2017

"Ludo", Pullman Hotel digital exhibition, by Daylighted, California, USA, March 2017

“Hope in the dark”, 3rd on 3rd Gallery, New York, January 2016

European International Book Art Biennale, Goa, India, November-December 2016 ("Timpul trece")

"Sex work", charity exhibition, Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds, UK, December, 2016

"The Kitschen: Cooking up a debate", "Housewifisim" online exhibition, December, 2016 (

"All in one" video exhibition, Chiari, Italy, Nov. 2016 ("Nature is our nature") 

Published in Pseudoscienza Art Magazine, “Mater” project and text, Wien, Austria, November 2016

"Residency in Motherhood", by Lenka Clayton, October 2016- October 2017

“Loving Vincent” - The world’s first animation feature film, painter/animator, Gdansk, 2016

“Suntem oi sau ne prefacem?” exhibition, May 2016, National Association for Contemporary Visual Arts, Bucharest

Gallery Weekend - Bucharest WEG, third edition, April 2016, “Ultramarine” exhibition, National Association for Contemporary Visual Arts, Bucharest

Member of the UAP Bucharest (National Union for the Visual Artists) - since april 2016

“Ultramarine” exhibition, National Association for Contemporary Visual Arts, April 2016, Bucharest

“Mater” exhibition, March-April 2016, Artful Contemporary Gallery in HomeFinders, Bucharest

Represented by Artful Contemporary Gallery starting March- June, 2016

Mother Artists Project, photo-video documentation, with and about mother artists living in Romania, 2015-present

Residency in the “Maternity Art Leave” project, Association for Promoting Contemporary Arts, 2015-present

Graduation exhibition at the “Căminul Artei” Gallery, Bucharest, January 2016
Art camp, Maternity Art Leave, 2 Mai and Mangalia, Romania, 2015

Erasmus scolarship at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, Roma, Italy, 2013-2014 

'One day to the other', personal exhibition, National Military Center, Bucharest, 2011 



A. A. I. G. 2017: An Artist's Inspiration Guide (Volume 1), author Juliet Roberts-Carr, Jan. 2017

Daylighted, Artist of the day, March 2017,

Average Art Magazine, February Issue,, 2017

"Pseudoscienza Art Magazine Wien", Mater project, november 2016

Progetti Smarriti, Mater project, 2016,

"The Kitschen: Cooking up a debate", "Housewifisim" online exhibition, December, 2016 (




2011-2016 – National University of Arts, Painting, Bucharest, Romania

2013-2014- Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, Painting, Rome, Italy

2007-2010 -  University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Portuguese-French, Bucharest, Romania

2003-2007 - „Vasile Alecsandri” National College, Philology- Intensive English, Bacău, Romania


Certificates and diplomas:

Certificate of completing the training for “Loving Vincent”: Painted Stop-Motion Animation in Vincent van Gogh style, BreakThru Productions, Gdańsk, June 2016 (

Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts, National University of Arts Bucharest, 2016

Bachelor Degree in Philology, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Portuguese-French, University of Bucharest, 2011

Formator (trainer) certificate, Eurostudies Center, 2010



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