"The Great Conversation" at "Hope in the dark", 3rd on 3rd Gallery, New York, 2017

"2016 ended on a negative note for many all over the world, not just here in the U.S.A. The world at large faced famine, war, terrorism, climate change and political upheaval, just to name a few of the challenges. As Solnit points out, hope acts even in times of darkness and despair, by facing and addressing these realities. Hope is not happily ever after, or wishful thinking, but a willingness to believe in uncertainty and possibility.

The exhibition consists of work by 24 international artists in all disciplines, including sound art, photography, mixed media, installation and film. It is a diverse look from many different viewpoints at the themes and ideas of hope.

Additionally, there will be an interactive “wall of hope” similar to the New York subway wall of post-it notes, where members of the community are invited to add their hopes and dreams for the future
in the form of words or images. The exhibit will open to the public on January 21st as a part of Doors Open Jamestown, and we hope you will stop in and add your thoughts to the wall."   Rebecca Solnit                                                                                                               

The Great Conversation