The Kitschen: Cooking up a debate

My work from "Housewifism" series features in "The Kitschen: cooking up a debate". The exhibition will be running for 1 month. Thanks Catinca for selecting it.

'Housewifism' is a denial of reality and a refusal to accept and understand it. The still life chosen for this exhibition addresses how women are relegated to the role of the housewife. The housewifization is explored through a simple table arrangement of plate and cutlery. The composition references the formal table setting with baroque exaggeration. Catalina Codreanu explores the uncanny by interposing the measuring spoon and a head massager with the usual table setting. This work reflects the artist's position towards housewifization and the expectations of the husband in the 21st century that reference the traditional baroque couple with perfectly delimited attributions when the wife was a real housewife by excellence for her entire lifetime.