Catalina Codreanu "Eroul zilei" in Previziuni for Antena 3 television

Today I had the pleasure to go live on Antena 3, a national Romanian channel, and talk about art and Loving Vincent. 

You may watch the video here:


Catalina Codreanu Q&A in Modernism Punct Ro - The Leading Romanian Art Magazine Online

I spent the last days adding and erasing phrases in this Q&A that has made it today to Modernism Punct Ro , which makes incredibly happy. 

A big thank you to Cosmin Nasui for offering me the chance to tell you some details from the #lovingvincent "backstage" and to share with you with so much love a tiny bit of the way my child has influenced my work.

Enjoy reading the text in Romanian here:

Sorry, no english version that I know from.

portrait photo: #zuparino, thanks Niko
Loving Vincent


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Pseudoscienza Art Magazine Vienna

What a better surprise to receive by post during the International Breastfeeding Week (1-7 August)? The Pseudoscienza magazine waited for a while now only to arrive at the right moment. Thanks Pseudoscienza team,
A beautiful reminder of the most beautiful time of my life!


A. A. I. G. 2017: An Artist's Inspiration Guide (Volume 1)

Dear art lovers, 

I am very proud and happy to announce my participation for "An Artist's Inspiration Guide", 2017 issue that has been recently released and can be purchased here:

I cannot wait to have the magazine in my hands and to explore its inspiring content. A big "thank you" to the author Juliet Roberts-Carr for publishing my work and congratulations to everybody involved in creating this extraordinary indie art magazine.



"The Great Conversation" at "Hope in the dark", 3rd on 3rd Gallery, New York, 2017

"2016 ended on a negative note for many all over the world, not just here in the U.S.A. The world at large faced famine, war, terrorism, climate change and political upheaval, just to name a few of the challenges. As Solnit points out, hope acts even in times of darkness and despair, by facing and addressing these realities. Hope is not happily ever after, or wishful thinking, but a willingness to believe in uncertainty and possibility.

The exhibition consists of work by 24 international artists in all disciplines, including sound art, photography, mixed media, installation and film. It is a diverse look from many different viewpoints at the themes and ideas of hope.

Additionally, there will be an interactive “wall of hope” similar to the New York subway wall of post-it notes, where members of the community are invited to add their hopes and dreams for the future
in the form of words or images. The exhibit will open to the public on January 21st as a part of Doors Open Jamestown, and we hope you will stop in and add your thoughts to the wall."   Rebecca Solnit                                                                                                               

The Great Conversation

The Kitschen: Cooking up a debate

My work from "Housewifism" series features in "The Kitschen: cooking up a debate". The exhibition will be running for 1 month. Thanks Catinca for selecting it.

'Housewifism' is a denial of reality and a refusal to accept and understand it. The still life chosen for this exhibition addresses how women are relegated to the role of the housewife. The housewifization is explored through a simple table arrangement of plate and cutlery. The composition references the formal table setting with baroque exaggeration. Catalina Codreanu explores the uncanny by interposing the measuring spoon and a head massager with the usual table setting. This work reflects the artist's position towards housewifization and the expectations of the husband in the 21st century that reference the traditional baroque couple with perfectly delimited attributions when the wife was a real housewife by excellence for her entire lifetime.


"All in one" Video Exhibition

I am happy to participate in the "All in one" exhibition with my video "Nature is our nature", a visual metaphor for how nature creates us,  influences us, how it can raises us up or destroy us, how much we are nature itself.

International European Book Art Biennale

I am happy to participate to the 4th edition of the Book Art Biennale, this year in Goa, India, with a letter to my son, from "Manamama" (how he pronounces "Meine mama" ("my mama", germ.) to "Totul meu" ("my everything", ro), living in "Foreverland". The work "Timpul trece" ("time passes by") is a metaphor about making peace with the time through my son.

Read about the Biennale on the Romanian Cultural Institut website: